My Past

As a child, I was always fascinated with technology and it worked, particularly how computers worked to display graphics, process data and work so efficiently. Playing video games as a child I was always amazed at how a computer could emulate seemingly complex tasks like open worlds and physics so easily.

As I grew up with technology, I became handier with it and spurred on by its interest I wanted to understand how they worked. In high school, I was able to land myself a job for IT support in a small business.

In the past, I have done a variety of computing subjects. High school is where I started programming in the subject Software Design and Development (SDD) at the same time I also took Information Processes and Technology (IPT). In high school, I had a rough idea that I wanted to work in IT but I didn't know where. SDD is where I started to become interested in programming, we learned HTML, CSS, advanced JavaScript and many programming concepts.

As a third year at UTS, I've studied many interesting subject, from the high level of web development to the low level of C and assembly, it has been great fun and provided so many chances to see what I like.

Some of the subjects that I recommend

Subject Number Name
48430 Fundamentals of C
48441 Introductory Digital Systems
N/A Software Development Studio
41900 Fundamentals of Security

My Future

With my skills I hope to find a good place in the software development market, while my interest in web development is waning, I hope that the engineering aspect my degree will lead me to new paths and interests.

As mentioned in my past page one of the pieces of software I was always amazed at was games and their complexity and since then one of my personal goals has been to become a game developer for a major company. I hope the skills I learn at UTS and outside will continue to lead me to there. Another "dream" job would be to have a job that is able to let me travel the world. Although unlikely in my field I have still met many people who through business and company events travel the world.