Random Projects by Ryan

Shin Megami Tensei V Encryptor / Decryptor

Tool to Decrypt and Encrypt Shin Megami Tensei V Save files, useful for putting into a save editor.


Pizza Percentage Solver

This solves the pizza puzzle in animal restaurant, via a brute force solution. Inspired by my girlfriend who THOUGHT MATHS COULD WORK


Verse Calendar Notifier

This is a user script I wrote after I got sick of the lack of notifications from Verse (IBM) about upcoming meetings. At the the top of the file is an array

which is an array of minutes before the meeting you want to be notified. Install this script and change it as you wish. I would make it an extention but then I have to go through the extention verification process. Update - 11/12/2021: This is a firefox addon (verification was too easy...), contact me for details



This is my old website, I made it in 2017 I think but there's a lot of information about past projects on that page. A project not mentioned on the website is the EPM-Quiz Solver. This was scraped from text PDF's and put onto a website in a night before an exam to help me and my friends study! View

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